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doesrowexist('<window name>', '<table name>', '<string to be matched>'[, <partial match = False>])


Checks whether the table contains any row with any of its cell containing the given string as its value.Please note that it checks for an exact match, if partial match is set to False.


Return values
1if there are rows with the given string in any of its cell, else 0.

Refer: Linux: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/ldtp/ldtp2/tree/ldtpd/table.py

Mac: https://github.com/ldtp/pyatom/blob/master/atomac/ldtpd/table.py

Windows: https://github.com/ldtp/cobra/blob/master/Ldtpd/Tree.cs


from ldtp import *

With respect to the message list table in Evolution Mailer, the following call will return 1 if there is atleast one mail in the list with the given string in the subject field or sender field or in any other field for that matter.

doesrowexist('dlgContactListMembers', 'tblContacts', 'Sample subject')

doesrowexist('dlgContactListMembers', 'tblContacts', 'Sample', True)

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