LDTP  3.5.0
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setcellvalue('<window name>', '<table name>', <row>[, <column>[, '<data>']])


Set a text in a cell or toggle a cell

Return values
1on success, LdtpExecutionError exception on failure

Refer: Linux: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/ldtp/ldtp2/tree/ldtpd/table.py

Mac: https://github.com/ldtp/pyatom/blob/master/atomac/ldtpd/table.py

Windows: https://github.com/ldtp/cobra/blob/master/Ldtpd/Tree.cs


With respect to gedit 2.30.2 Preferences dialog, Plugins tab

To toggle a plugin

setcellvalue('gedit Preferences', 'tblActivePlugins', 0)

With respect to Evolution 2.28.3, Tasks in Calendar view

To change existing task name

Note: Evolution doesn't provide an option through accessibility way to add Tasks in Calendar view, to work around use File->New->Tasks to add a New Task

The following example works only with existing task !

setcellvalue('Calendars - Evolution', 'tblTasks', 0, 2, 'Hello')

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